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Zubair Filed Flow Tanks Project / 10,000M3 capacity and gas boot
•Eni Iraq Bv (Eni) is the Lead CONTRACTOR of the Consortium comprising Eni, Occidental of Iraq LLC (Occidental), KOGAS Iraq B.V. (Kogas) collectively are undertaking the redevelopment of the Zubair Oil Field.
• The Zubair Field is located in the southern area of Iraq, 20 km from Basra city. The structure of the Zubair Field is a relatively gentle anticline oriented NNW - SSE, approximately 60 km long and 10-15 km wide.

ROSCO have been awarded EPC contract work for Installation of New Flow Tanks for Zubair Oil Field development project in Iraq at 3 sites locations (Hammar Degassing Station , Zubair Degassing Station and Rafidiyah Degassing Station),the EPC work for each site location   include :


•Install new flow tank of 10,000M3 capacity and gas boot
•Install  all  the  piping & instruments required  to  interconnect  the  new  equipment  to existing facilities and utilities
•Construct all required ancillary installations such as roads, bunds, etc.


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Zubair Tank

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